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Put your trust in the pest prevention specialists at Anti-Pest Pest Prevention Services.  We serve Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley & Bilston areas. We offer wasp and insect control, rodent and bird control and commercial pest prevention solutions. We are quick discreet and highly experienced.

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What to do when your Tennants have Mice.

It can be hard being a landlord. In fact, even with the best tenants, there are constant challenges to overcome. Mice, for example, are one of the dozens of problems that you may have to encounter. But what should you do if a tenant has mice? Is this really something that you have to deal

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Get Rid of Rats

Get Rid of Rats Signs of a rat infestation Rats are generally nocturnal – sleeping during the day and foraging for food at night – so the chances of spotting one scampering brazenly around your property is slim (although not unheard of!). The sound of rats scratching, however, is synonymous with fingernails being scraped down

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Get Rid of Mice

When home and business owners consider the ways to get rid of mice, they often forget that many of these methods can be both ineffective and even dangerous. The solution for a mouse’s infestation is varied, but typically, targeting a mouse’s natural fears is sometimes the best method to take. This is easier said than

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Self-help Rat Control Wolverhampton

Looking for some self-help to deter Rats, here is a great article from Angela Patrone published in the Express. Three effective ways to deter rats ‘naturally’ from your garden Rats are one of the difficult pests to deal with and they can quickly evolve beyond a nuisance for gardens as well as homes. To put

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Mice control Wolverhampton

How do I get rid of Mice in Wolverhampton

With the cold weather we are having, rats, mice and other pests are targeting our homes for somewhere to warm to shelter, so it’s no wonder we are plagued by mice and rats as they also go scavenging for food. According to a recent report in The Daily Star, experts have warned UK residents that

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Do you need Pest Control in Winter?

Pest control companies advice that customers who opt for quarterly visits and work with pest control technicians to determine a schedule prevent infestations rather than have to eradicate rats, mice etc after they have got a foot hold on your property. It makes a lot of sense. Local Pest Control technicians come out to your

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