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You no longer have to suffer from wasps or wasps nests  in your home in Walsall as the team here at Anti-Pest Pest Prevention Services are here for youto remove Wasps and Wasps Nests in Walsall! With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the industry we use the best of modern and traditional methods to treat or remove wasps nests. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Say goodbye to wasps and don’t get stung! It has never been easier for you to treat wasps and remove wasps nests from your home and you can now do it at a time that suits you. Our team will visit your property, treat the nests and give you professional advice on the most reliable ways to prevent the problem occurring again

To eradicate wasps from your home and garden in Walsall we need to remove the wasp’s nest, where possible, and if it isn’t accessible we use a powder-based insecticide to destroy the pests instead. You can enjoy a pest-free home at an affordable price, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you no longer need to worry about wasps.

Did you know that in the Summer when Wasps come out, some people get afraid that they will be stung by a wasp, especially if one lands on them.

But the poor wasp is not interested in you, it is likely to be a worker wasp looking for food to sustain itself and it’s nest. So if start waving our arms around and often shouting trying to scare it off, we will achieve the exact opposite of what we want – we will succeed in making the wasp feel frightened and under threat so then in self-defence it will probably attacks us! (exactly what we had feared!).  

And if we do swat it dead, it gives off a pheromone that calls up all it’s mates so things go from bad to worse!

The best thing to do when a wasp comes near or lands on you, and that is to remain calm and stay still. It will just go away on iyt’s hunt for some sweet food and it won’t hurt you if you are calm and careful.

As well as wasp control, we offer a fast and discreet service for All Pests including Rats & Pigeons for private and business customers.


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How do you identify a wasps nest?

Wasp nests are usually an uneven ball like shape – the bigger the nest, the more uneven. They are grey in colour and dull looking. There will be swirl-like patterns on the outside with a honeycomb pattern on the inside and they feel papery to the touch. While this information is useful in identifying wasp nests, we do not recommend getting close enough to touch or look inside!

Given that the primary requirement for a wasp nest is access to wood, the most common places to find them are in the follow locations:

  • Wooden beams or rafters of loft spaces or garage roofs
  • Sheds and summer houses
  • Dog kennels
  • Fence posts and wooden gates
  • Bird boxes
  • Trees and bushes
  • Log piles and log stores
  • Outdoor decking
  • Fascia’s
  • Wall cavities near to fresh sources of wood

That’s not to say that you will find them in exact locations, but certainly close by.

Buit whatever you do, don’t try to remove one yourself. Wasps will tend to leave you alone if you leave them alone but if they think the nest is under attack, they will swarm and attack/sting anybody nearby.

Anti-Pest Pest Prevention can remove the wasps nest for you safely in Walsall and at a fair price, too. Trust in our prefessional service and our years of experience to help your with wasp control and all other types of pests.

How do I avoid having Wasps Nests in Walsall?

One method that works well for getting rid of Wasps nests in the Walsall area for the less aggressive paper wasps, is this:

They say prevention is better than cure so – Start by watching your eaves early in the spring, especially on the south and southwest sides of your home where the roof gets the most sun. If you see a small, open-faced paper nest being built, you can remove this yourself before it becomes too large. Even later in the season when the nest is more prominent, you could try and remove it yourself, but the nest will be bigger and maybe a little more intimidating.

Some of the wasps will be in the nest when it falls. While paper wasps are generally non-aggressive and tend to be pretty disoriented by the nest removal, aim to remove them early in the season to reduce the number of adult wasps on your property.

Prepare and protect yourself before you start to remove a paper wasp nest.

If in doubt, call Ant-Pest Pest Prevention Services in Walsall to do it for you.

If you decide to go it alone, then follow these steps:

  1. Wear proper protective clothing, including boots, pants, and long sleeves.
  2. Locate the nest on the underside of your eaves.
  3. Make sure it’s open-faced and not a closed paper nest.
  4. Select the proper tool for removal. This could be a broom, a long-handled scraper, or a cob-web brush attached to a mop handle.
  5. Disrupt and scrape the nest free. If it is a paper wasp nest and it falls to the ground, stomp the nest quickly with a sturdy boot. To protect yourself, spray the downed nest with a wasp killer spray.
  6. Foraging wasps may come back to look for the nest once it’s gone but they’ll move on when they soon realize that their home is gone.
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