March is the month for Clothes Moths

Throughout the year, Anti-Pest Pest Control Wolverhampton gets called out to deal with a variety of invading creatures, from pests such as pigeons and mice to tiny insects such as flies and ants.

However, not all these pest are a problem at the same time. Some pests prefer the warmer weather, whilst others become a problem when it gets colder. So it is helpful to understand which pests are likely to become a problem and invade your commercial and residential premises at which time of the year, so you can look out for the signs and take action before they become a real pest!

Most of us are glad to see the back of January and February:

During the first two months of the year while the weather is cold, you are likely to need Pest Control in Wolverhampton to deal with mice and rats as they love to seek out warm buildings to call home during the winter months.Cockroaches tend to prefer the warmer months but our central heating systems create the warm environment they like so they could become a pest at any time of the year! You will also find less spiders around after January as their season comes to an end.

So what does March hold in store for us?

As we have seen this weekend, the weather starts to get a little warmer and you will see more birds nesting and this continues throughout spring and summer and up to the end of September.

March is also the beginning of the year’s insect infestations, with the first signs of ants coming out of their winter hibernation.The main Pest Control you will need in March is likely to be from Moths. There is generally a high number of clothes moths around, so any companies working with textiles would be wise to take additional precautions.

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