How Do Wasps Defend Their Nests?

How Do British Wasps Defend The Nest?

British wasps defend their nests aggressively if threatened or attacked. Other members of the order Hymenoptera such as Honey Bees and Red Ants will do the same.
When social wasps sting you, they release a pheromone or chemical that quite literally marks you as the threat. Pheromones alert other cast members within the colony that the nest is being threatened and more wasps join the attack.
What Is A Primed Wasp Nest?A Primed Nest – a wasps nest that has already been disturbed, e.g. by a football being kicked near it, is extremely dangerous!
Wasps from the initial sortie, happy that the threat is gone, will often rest on the outer surface of the nest. If the nest is then subsequently disturbed, the resultant response from the nest will often be significant and very, very fast.
What Is A Wasps Sting?The Wasps Sting or Wasp Stinger as it is also called is an incredible piece of kit. It is designed to work a little like a sawing knife that actively punctures and lacerates the skin. This injection delivers its venom deep into the dermis (the deepest layer of skin).
The wasp’s sting is not barbed like that of the honey bee, which uses its sting purely as a defence. A wasps sting is used for subduing prey, to be returned to the nest for consumption by the wasps’ hungry grubs.
This is why the wasp can and often will sting you multiple times without any trauma to itself (unless you squash it!).
Why Do Wasps Become Aggressive?The Temperament of British wasps varies in both wasps and the nests they come from. This means that the response from a nest to a given threat will vary on a number of key factors.
You can, for instance, have two nests of the same species of wasp, in different locations. One nest will respond very aggressively whilst the other will barely register your presence.
Factors that may serve to influence the wasps’ response include – temperature, nest size and nest maturity.
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