Get Rid of Rats

Get Rid of Rats

Signs of a rat infestation

Rats are generally nocturnal – sleeping during the day and foraging for food at night – so the chances of spotting one scampering brazenly around your property is slim (although not unheard of!). The sound of rats scratching, however, is synonymous with fingernails being scraped down a blackboard and is enough to put anyone on edge.

If you think you have rats on your property, here are some signs to look out for:


Rat droppings are a sure sign of rodent presence and an average rat can produce up to 50 a night. Generally, these are dark brown in colouring and around the size of a single grain of rice. These are often more readily spotted around food sources, in cupboards, by pet dishes and scattered around bins.

Gnaw marks

Another tell-tale sign that you have rats, will be ripped up food wrappers whilst shredded paper can also indicate a nearby nest. As rats need to keep their teeth in check, you should listen out for scratching noises coming from the walls and loft and look out for gnaw marks on surfaces and skirting boards.

Unpleasant odours

Active infestations may also have a nose wrinkling odour of musty unpleasantness, and if you can’t sniff them out then your family pet just might!

Stains and smears

Living in such dirty environments, rats tend to have greasy bodies and due to their poor eyesight, will often leave smudge and smear marks along work surfaces and walls as they scamper about. They have long tails and distinctive footprints so look out for imprints in dusty areas.

Hiding spaces

Rats need a constant water supply taking in up to 60ml each day as well a steady stream of food sources and a warm place to rest. For these reasons our lofts, walls and garden spaces provide the perfect setting in which to nest. Kitchen appliances are also a great place to start your game of rat hide and seek. Washing machines and dishwashers not only give off heat but are handy when rats want to pop out for a bite to eat.

One solution to solving your rat situation

Getting rid of rats is not an easy task. Once they have taken up residency and start to multiply the problem can easily start to get out of hand.

As rats are natural scavengers, they will eat anything, and everything, put in their path. Therefore, in order to gain back control, one of the easiest ways to kill a rat is to provide it with food that has been laced in poison.

However, poison carries it’s own risks so you definitely need to employ a professional Pest Control Service. That’s where Anti-Pest Pest Prevention come in. A poisoned rat will likely crawl away to die which then leads to terrible odours permeating your business or home, which only time will remove. 

Anti-Pest Pest Prevention covers the Black Country including Wolverhampton, Walsall, Bilston Dudley and Stourbridge. We pride ourselves on Professional removal of any rat infestations without leaving dead rats behind. Call us for a Free Quote: 01902 755 094 or visit:

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