Summer Pests

Summer Pests – Buzz Off! The summer is flying by in typical British fashion and the weather yet again has not lived up to expectation! August and September are the months when the winged creatures thrive. Wasps, hornets and flies are all visibly present around this time of year. Wasp’s activity increases around now as …

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Wasps or Hornets

Not everything that buzzes is a pest!Identify the differences between wasps, hornets and beesEverything that buzzes around your garden is potentially a pollinator. These fascinating insects are incredibly useful; not just in the garden, but also in agriculture, with many crops dependent on pollination.There are thousands of species of buzzing insects, and the majority are …

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Protect your food stores with Anti-pest, pest control Wolverhampton

Protect your food store from unwanted visitors.If you have a food-store in your business, you are always at risk of infestations of unwanted visitors like rats, mice & other unwanted creatures. You will need an effective deterrent to protect your foodstuffs so we offer an effective rodent control solution for businesses in Wolverhampton. You can …

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